About Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving

Are you prepared to feel the rush of pure adrenaline with a realistic simulation of freefall? Take to the skies with the tickets for Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving in this state-of-the-art paradise for thrill seekers. It is complete with a freefall simulator and a Boeing 737 flight simulator. For those interested, Flyspot is the fifth ISG tunnel to be activated throughout the world, whose stunning architecture makes it instantly identifiable to visitors. The reinforced concrete used to construct the tunnel keeps noise levels down and dampens vibrations, making the experience incredibly silent for spectators. There are bean bags strategically placed throughout the flight chamber for you to relax while watching the action.

It feels surreal when you're on your first flight, and other passengers wait for their turns. All required tools and supplies will be made available to you when you buy the Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving ticket. The set consists of a jumpsuit, protective helmet, eyewear, and earplugs. There is a one- to two-hour time commitment for the entirety of the first-flight experience. Checking in and receiving individual instruction are the final steps before taking to the skies. Your instructor will coach you on how to control your body in flight during these trips.

Why Book Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving Tickets?

You must book Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving tickets online to skip the queue of people waiting to try this activity. Online booking allows you to bag massive discounts and a preferred time slot of your choice for flying. You can also see the complete wind tunnel location database to find all the locations and choose the one that you can access easily.

  • Flyspot is incredibly silent for spectators and offers the best possible airflow for flyers.
  • Because of the helpful equipment, comfortable lodgings, and knowledgeable staff, it is a popular training ground for skydivers and professional flyers.
  • It usually takes between one and two hours to complete all of the pre-flight preparations and actual flight.
  • The reinforced concrete construction of the tunnel aids in minimizing noise and tremors.
  • Everything you require will be made available to you. This kit consists of a jumpsuit, protective headgear, eyewear, and earplugs.
  • Once you've checked in with your Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving ticket, you'll participate in a one-on-one training session before getting your flight gear ready.Your instructor will teach you how to control your body during flights. You and the other first-time passengers take turns flying the plane.

Attractions In Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving

Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving tickets give you access to two of the city's most popular tourist destinations. One such tunnel is the Flyspot, which is completely risk-free and allows for flights to be taken under ideal conditions. As for number two, there's a full-scale simulator of an 80-ton passenger plane that makes you feel like you're piloting a Boeing 737-800. The tunnel flights will always be accompanied by highly qualified instructors, and the Boeing simulator will provide an unparalleled visual experience with its many knobs, dials, and sharpen their skills.

Flyspot Tunnel
Flyspot Tunnel

Flyspot is the alchemy that allows the unthinkable to become reality. The wind tunnels here are the most powerful and effective in the world. Thanks to the capabilities of modern technology, you can now partake in activities that were once available only to a select few extreme sports enthusiasts. With Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving tickets, you can enjoy the thrill of flight without any of the dangers typically associated with air sports. The tunnels are accessible seven days a week, and at all hours if absolutely necessary.

Boeing 737 Simulator
Boeing 737 Simulator

Experience the thrill of flying a Boeing 737-800 simulator at Flyspot Warszawa with your grand Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving tickets. A full-scale model of a passenger jet that weighs 80 tonnes! The simulator's cockpit is an exact replica of a real plane's, complete with buttons, dials, and levers. The clarity and sharpness of 4K resolution creates the best visual experience possible. Check it out if you're curious about what it's like to fly and whether or not you think you could handle the controls on such a machine because your arrival is anticipated.


Kids, beginners, experts, and large groups of friends alike can all experience the thrill of indoor skydiving with a Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving ticket. After participating in the special programme offered at the Flyspot playground, children can safely take to the air once the electricity in the tunnel has been turned down. To get the full experience, first-timers are allowed at least two flights in the tunnel, both of which are supervised by professionals. However, experts can hone their abilities by taking advantage of cheap tunnel time. Last but not least, parties for friends or coworkers can be a blast, whether it's a birthday bash, a night on the town, or a bachelorette bash.

For Kids
For Kids

If your children frequently have fantasies about taking to the skies they will enjoy it here because a Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving ticket allows them to learn how to fly. After some training from a seasoned instructor, they can don a cape and mask and enter the tunnel as their favorite superhero or fairy. And if your kid develops a true passion for flight, it has a unique program just for them at Flyspot Playground. When traveling with children, it's best to arrive at the airport 45 minutes before takeoff, rather than the 30 minutes that is recommended for slightly older passengers. All of the adults and children here are safe, and the tunnel's electricity is turned down low enough that it won't hurt little visitors. A teacher is always on hand to ensure the children's safety and comfort throughout their time in the tunnel.

For First-timers
For First-timers

You're never too old to take your first flight! A Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving ticket you are on the verge of realizing your life's deepest calling. After all you will enjoy at least two flights in the tunnel, and each one will keep you in the air for longer than a standard parachute jump would. Getting attached to flying is a process that takes a very long time. While you're waiting for your flight, you can dine at the tunnel's restaurant in the lounge's comfortable dining area. A Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving ticket permits you to rent a flying suit, goggles, and a helmet at the tunnel's entrance. Your safety will be ensured by their highly qualified and experienced staff, and following the flight, each participant will receive a free certificate, a souvenir, and an edited video of their flying.

For Professionals
For Professionals

Have you ever flown through a tunnel and yearned for more? Maybe you're a parachutist who's looking to sharpen their skills. The professionals who frequent Flyspot are always expanding their knowledge, and as a result of being here, everyone realizes that they can change their own perception of what is possible and that there is no such thing as the impossible. Professionals can take advantage of discounted Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving tickets, tunnel time and other deals on the site.

For Groups
For Groups

If you’re looking for once-in-a-lifetime experience, Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving tickets can make it happen! Flyspot is a fantastic plan for a night out with pals or a business function, gathering of the family, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or any other kind of celebration. Join forces to achieve the impossible and become pilots. Food, drinks, drinks, and alcoholic beverages are all available at the bar.

Know Before You Book Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving Tickets

Know Before You Book  Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving Tickets

Essential Information

  • Location: Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving is located at Wspólna Droga 1, 05-850 Mory, Poland.

  • Timings: Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving is open everyday from 8 AM to 10 PM.

Best Time To Visit: For the best indoor skydiving experience, go to Flyspot Warsaw when it's open. Between the hours of 12 PM and 3 PM, you'll find the least amount of people in the area, making for a more personal experience.

How to reach

By air: Flying is the most convenient method to get to the Warsaw location of Flyspot skydiving. The 20 kilometers between International Chopin Airport (WAW) and Flyspot may be covered in around 15 minutes. However, if you reach Modlin Airport (WMI), the 60 kilometers to Flyspot will take you one hour.

Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving FAQs

Do we need to book in advance for Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving tickets?

    Yes, you need to book in advance for Flyspot Warsaw Indoor Skydiving tickets to save time and to select the preferred slot of your choice.

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