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The Royal Castle Warsaw ticket lets you access the national cultural landmark on the State Museum Registry, located on the site of the Masovia Palace. The Royal Castle in Warsaw was constructed between 1598 and 1618 on the orders of Sigismund III Vasa, Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland. The Castle was built on the man-made pentagon-shaped hill. A tower on the structure that is 60 meters high makes it stand out. The Warsaw Royal Castle served as the royal dukes' residence from 1526 until 1569, wherein it served as the venue for the Sejm meetings of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The Castle functioned as the Polish kings' manor house until 1795, the monarch's residence during the Duchy of Warsaw, and a house of parliament. Beginning in 1926, it also served as the State Art Museum's central office and the residence of the president of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. German forces demolished the Royal Castle twice, once in 1939 and once in 1944. Later, using the unharmed fragments, the castle was restored. The Royal Castle has been acknowledged as a symbol of Polish history and culture and a genuine landmark since 1979. The Royal Castle Warsaw tours will take you on an historical stroll to the city’s palace which is a must see if you are in Warsaw.

Why Book Royal Castle Warsaw Tickets and tours?

Royal Castle Warsaw Tickets
  • The Royal Castle Warsaw is a wonderful place to visit for history and art enthusiasts.
  • With the assistance of a qualified guide, tour Warsaw's UNESCO-listed Royal Castle.
  • Royal castle Warsaw ticket will allow you to take the advantage of skip-the-line tickets to visit Warsaw's No. 1 attraction.
  • Learn about Polish kings' royal lives, and explore the castle's most significant rooms.
  • Enjoy a small group of only 15 people instead of being crammed in with a crowd of 30 people with a Royal castle Warsaw ticket.
  • Stroll through Warsaw's picturesque Old Town to take in its sights and atmosphere.

Available Royal Castle Warsaw Tickets And Tours

Royal Castle Warsaw, the former residence of Poland's monarchs, is widely recognisable due to its distinctive shape and color. Enter the building and explore the Throne Room and the royal apartments with your Royal castle Warsaw ticket. Pay close attention to authentic Rembrandt paintings and Bernardo Bellotto and stay a little longer if you get the chance to experience the garden's appeal in the glow of the nighttime illuminations.

Royal Castle Warsaw Tickets
Warsaw: Skip-the-Line Royal Castle Guided Tour

Many Polish monarchs once resided at the baroque-classical Royal Castle in Warsaw. During the tour, first, you will get an opportunity to carefully examine the castle's exterior and appreciate its design from the fourteenth century. After a decent introduction, enter the Royal Castle to admire its lavish interior. With this skip-the-line Royal Castle Warsaw ticket you can explore the kings' chambers, which are decorated with antique historical paintings. Learn about the lengthy effort that went into creating this remarkable structure. Discover the evolution of the historic residence of the Polish kings and queens. The castle is located right at the start of Warsaw's Old Town,you can experience the ambiance, with a guide who will show you the Old Town's most picturesque locations and discuss its history.

Royal Castle Warsaw Tickets
Warsaw: Old Town Tour With Royal Castle and Uprising Museum

On this Royal castle Warsaw tour, you will see the streets of the Old Town, the Barbican and protective walls, the Old Town Market Square, Castle Square, the Royal Route, and the Royal Castle on your tour of Warsaw. You'll be taken back to your starting place after your tour is finished. The Old Town comprises the city plaza and a fountain with the siren sculpture that serves as the city's emblem in its center. Sigismund's Column and Castle Square are other highlights of the Old Town. Also, Old Town is home to a large number of evocative cafes, eateries, and art galleries where you can enjoy some leisure time.

Royal Castle Warsaw Tickets
Warsaw: Old Town, Royal Castle, and Wilanow Palace Tour

First, visit Warsaw's Old Town, which is made up of the main square and a collection of recognisable tenements. Find the fountain with the siren sculpture in the center that serves as the city's emblem. One of Warsaw's most recognisable and historically significant landmarks, the majestic Royal Castle, is here for you to explore. While you're in Castle Square, check out Sigismund's Column, which is regarded as the first secular monument in the shape of a column in contemporary history. Wander over to the neighboring Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Pilsudski Square. Explore the evocative cafes, eateries, and art galleries that line the city's most notable thoroughfare, the Royal Route, which links two former royal homes. Hop back on your small-group transport to visit King Jan III Sobieski's majestic Royal Palace. Discover Warsaw's past and how it fits into the greater European picture.

Know Before You Book Royal Castle Warsaw Tickets And Tours

Royal Castle Warsaw Tickets

Essential Information

  • Location: The Royal Castle Warsaw is located at plac Zamkowy 4, 00-277 Warszawa, Poland

  • Timing: The Warsaw Royal Castle is open daily from 10:00 am to 6:00pm (except for some holidays).

  • Best Time To Visit: You can book your Royal Castle Warsaw tickets and tours from May to September since it's the best time to visit. You'll have the ideal weather throughout these months, which will make your visit and experience wonderful. The weather is either too hot, too cold, or simply overall unfavorable for a nice trip during the other months.

How To Reach

  • Tramp - The closest tram stop is Stare Miasto (The Old Town), served by lines 4, 13, 20, and 26
  • Bus - Nearby bus stops include Plac Zamkowy (Castle Square) and Stare Miasto (The Old Town).
  • Bike- Bike sharing stations are also located nearby.

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